5 tips for an Asian Wedding Photographer

5 Tips for an Asian Wedding Photographer


Photographers adhere to strict rules and their own independent styles when it comes to shooting an Asian wedding. Photography is an art that allows the photographer to play with different angles and perspectives for them to capture the perfect image of such a momentous event. Most photographers have a team as well, so getting the perfect images for an Asian wedding relies not only on independent skill but teamwork as well. For most cases, photographers train others to keep up with their level of skill and therefore allow them to get a better view of the event in general. So for the convenience of those seasoned cameramen, we give you a few tips to follow as their assistants as well as a few reminders for other photographers too. After all, these moments are very important to our clients so we want to make sure we give them the best service they deserve.

1. Always be bold but never be Obtrusive


When capturing the perfect shot, you always need to be ready to make a bold move. Take a position that will really get the feel of the moment and take a shot that will really stand out. However, you must be very careful as well. for in the process of getting that perfect shot, you just might be the right photographer in the wrong spot. So as an Asian wedding photographer, you need to also be aware of your position so that you won’t ruin the moment for everyone. You are there to capture the moment not to ruin it. So always be mindful and bold when it comes to taking your shots.

2. Change your perspectives from time to time

When capturing Asian weddings, it is often times a very strict and formal event. So you also have to be creative when you get your pictures as a photographer. A usual Asian wedding will most likely have a few formal poses and a lot of normal pictures as well. So try to stand out during the wedding and get creative when you make your shots. Asian wedding is very emotional too and may have a lot of candid photos for you to catch. So keep that in mind and go get those perfect memories.

3. Remember to use Consistent Shots

In an Asian wedding, there is a lot of movement going about the place so to really get a glimpse what’s going on and improve your chances of getting a great photo, try using consistent shots and choose the best one for the lovely couple. Asian weddings are filled with activities that could distort the way you capture the moment to be mindful and try adding that to your arsenal as well.

4. Watch out for Little Unexpected Moments

As an Asian wedding photographer, you need to have a keen eye for “out of the blue” moments or unexpected surprises during an Asian wedding. It’s a skill as well as an automatic reaction for seasoned photographers to capture those amazing moments at an Asian wedding. So practice that if you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. remember you are the photographer, you get to choose what to shoot and when to shoot it. So getting yourself into high gear and maintaining it through practice is definitely the key to success.

5. Seize the perfect moments in the Wedding

During a wedding, especially an Asian wedding, perfect moments are littered all throughout the event. So always be ready to capture them and add them to the album. Take note of the major details and the skills you’ve learned in photography, plan out your actions and the moments when you should take the shot. That way you’ll be able to give the lovely couple and their guests the most amazing images from a very momentous day in their lives.