Asian Weddings and British Weddings

Asian Weddings and British Weddings

There are a lot of differences when it comes to Asian and British weddings. Most of these rituals have similarities as well as a number of differences. For a Photographer that wants to shoot the best moments, It is very important that they know these activities beforehand. A seasoned photographer can always tell which part of the wedding needs to be shot consistently.


Asian Weddings

One key in knowing when to shoot is to be familiar with the activities in an Asian or British wedding. So if you’re having a hard time knowing the activities, This article is for you. An Asian wedding usually depends on the culture of the bride or groom. For instance, a Chinese wedding will tend to adorn red colors for the said event. The color red symbolizes luck and joy for the couple and the decor will most likely be styled the same way. This gives the photographer the chance to get amazing pictures of the surroundings with the same color schemes. Another thing for Asian Chinese weddings is that they will have a ritualistic tea ceremony that honors their family heritage and ancestors. So it’s best to be aware of that too.


This type of ceremony is very similar to a Japanese wedding, another Asian wedding type that makes them drink sake as a form of binding the families together. So another good opportunity presents itself during this activity.

Indian Weddings on the other hand, usually have a huge guest list. The couple will then meet each guest before the party begins, so be prepared once you get a gig for this one. This will surely tire you during the event. Other Asian wedding ceremonies like these could also last for days to prolong the joy. So be sure to pack your gear and batteries ready. Some of these events will have the bride covered in hennas that make it an excellent opportunity to grab a shot and add it to the album as well.




For other Asian weddings, they usually throw rice or hold leaves for another symbolic activity. So get ready to take those shots as well. Knowing what happens next gives you as a photographer the right cues to make your move and take your shots.


British Weddings

For British weddings, on the other hand, They are typically the same as American weddings with a few differences between them. The groom will be escorted and accompanied by his “Groomsmen” and may have a “Bestman” in the picture as well. So planning out the shots when it comes to the group and the groom will also be something on your list.


The bride will also have her own entourage which is the “Bridesmaids” and the “maiden of honor”. So another plan of action or activities to capture their moments is something you have to think through. On the wedding day, each guest will have their entrance and the father of the bride will escort her and hand her over to the grown signifying his blessing. So bits and pieces of emotion tend to fall there as the bride walks in. This means you will definitely need a lot of shots there to really capture the moment.

Then the ceremony will begin, Most weddings tend to have their own spin on how to go about it so it’s best to be aware of what will happen next to stay on top of things.

Ultimately whether it is an Asian wedding or a British wedding, you as the photographer needs to stay on top of things to make sure you capture every moment perfectly. For seasoned Asian and British photographers, this becomes second nature to them during the event and lets them take the wheel on how the album will inevitably look in the end